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Every home should have a basic emergency first aid kit on hand. Once completed you just need to make sure that any contents that have expiration dates are replaced if they get old. Be sure that everyone in your family (or workplace) knows the location of the kit and have a general familiarity with the components of the kit. Commercial kits are available but you might want to make a custom first aid kit. Creating your own kit will allow you the flexibility to make it as basic or comprehensive as you wish. If you create a basic first aid kit you then can add to it over time to develop a more complete kit. The kit will contain medications and possibly sharp objects so be sure to keep the first aid kit out of the reach of small children to prevent accidental injury! You should be able to find most of the items at your local pharmacy but if you decide to included some specialized items you may need to purchase them from a medical supply business or order them from a company that specializes in first aid supplies.

Ideally all of your family members should also take a first aid class that includes CPR training and certification. These classes are offered and sponsored by various organizations in most communities throughout the country (and world) on a regular basis.

The two most popular containers for first aid kits are fishing type tackle boxes and back pack type book bags (red is a good color). Tackle boxes have the advantages of being easy to view all of the contents when open and they are quite weatherproof. The book bag type has the advantage of being easily transported (without having to carry it in your hand) but to avoid a jumble of contents you really need to have 3-4 sub containers inside such as small rectangular Tupperware in a variety of sizes. Both types of cases have advantages so carefully consider the one that best meets your needs.


Minimum First Aid Kit Contents*:

*The above list is based primarily on "Preparing for Disaster" Developed by the American Red Cross and the Department of Homeland Security, Federal Emergency Management Agency (with minor modifications and additions).

First Aid International  From Australia FREE-This is exactly the same first aid manual you  would take away from a senior first aid certificate course.

Mayo Clinic Free First Aid Guide

American Red Cross Visit this great resource site!

Ready America  Covers other items necessary for disaster preparedness.

American Red Cross Disaster Supply Kit  Lists of six basic categories you need to consider.

Need to find first aid kit supplies for multiple kits? The two links below will take you to a couple of great bulk sources!

Refill Bandages for ANSI Compliant First Aid Kits 1 x 3 Plastic 160Pack

The above image link will take to Instawares where you can find supplies to restock your
 first aid kit (such as the triangular bandages shown). Most items come in larger quantities.

First Aid Only Inc Adhesive Tape for ANSI Compliant First Aid Cabinet 1/2 x2-1/2 yds 20 Rolls/Bx

Need to restock your first aid kits? The image link above will take you to SHOP.COM where you
 can find many of the bulk items (such as the tape pictured) needed for multiple first aid kits.

 Some other great first aid / emergency products:


This 6 in 1 device is an amazing emergency product!

The Complete Practical Manual of First Aid & Family Health: A Practical Sourcebook for Family Home Health and Emergency First-Aid Needs

First Aid & Family Health Is a popular and very complete guide on the topic.

Weatherproof Modular First Aid Kit

The above first aid kit is quite complete and waterproof!


Although as accurate as possible, the information on this page may not relate to your particular medical condition and is not intended to be used in the diagnosis or treatment of any medical condition. Always refer to your healthcare provider before making any changes in your treatment plan. In addition any sites to which we link may or may not contain information appropriate to your medical condition.

Home Acne Treatment Asthma Control Breast Enlargement First Aid Kit Heart Disease Parkinsons Disease


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