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Breast enlargement (augmentation) is a surgical procedure usually done on an outpatient basis but under general anesthesia. It is often performed when one breast is noticeably smaller than the other or if both breasts are smaller than usual for a woman's body type. A small incision is made in one of a number possible locations (selected to minimize visible scars) and an implant is inserted. The implants exterior is made of a pliable silicone material and filled with either saline (salt water) or silicone. The implant can be placed either under or on top of the chest muscle depending on the desired final appearance and body type. Many women prefer the silicone type because it appears and moves more like natural breast tissue. For a number of years silicone implants were not available in the U.S. but after exhaustive review and research they have been again certified as safe. The procedure takes about two hours and there will be a period of a few days that there will be a fair amount of moderate pain requiring pain medications. Your doctor will give you specific post surgery instructions which will certainly involve restricting strenuous activity for a couple of weeks (possible longer if the implant is placed under the chest muscle.

There is a less than 10% chance that the implant will start to leak at some point. Often the implant begins to leak because of some impact to the chest which cause it to rupture, but there is not always an identifiable reason for the leak. Many women report a change in nipple and breast sensation although most regain normal sensation after a period of time. Another problem is that a 'capsule' of scar tissue forms around the implant. This is normal but sometime becomes excessive thereby causing the breast to feel hard. Scarring will occur but by careful selection of an incision site it can be minimized. As with all invasive procedures infection also is always a possibility. A woman should carefully consider the risks and benefits in her particular case. Although the breast enlargement procedure certainly can be reversed it should not be considered a "try it to see if I like it"  situation (as some celebrities seem to be doing) in part because it involves surgery under general anesthesia which has potential risks.

When looking for a plastic surgeon to perform your breast enlargement, you will want to find one with great credentials and lots of successful experience. You need to be very comfortable with the physician and the practice they have. Certainly avoid anyone who tries to in any way push you into the procedure. The decision is yours and yours alone. If the plastic surgeon needs business that bad there is a problem and look elsewhere! You may feel that the surgeon is in some way trying to talk you out of the procedure (which in fact they may) but they also may just want to make sure you have carefully considered the pluses and minuses and are not jumping into this either uninformed or uncertain.

Being an elective procedure most insurance plans will not cover the procedure unless it is some how related to breast cancer surgery. The typical fees for the entire procedure are in the $5,500 to $7,000 range. Make sure that the quotes you get are complete: surgeon, anesthesia, implants, surgical facility etc. The fees for the surgeon make up the majority of the total at close to $4,000. Many plastic surgeons can offer you a payment plan either directly or through a third party but pay close attention to the terms offered. For more detailed pricing and financing information simply contact a plastic surgeon in your area and they will gladly give you an approximate price for the breast enlargement procedure. To find lower prices many people are traveling abroad to countries such as India. Before considering foreign surgery investigate the unique risks and benefits very thoroughly! 

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INAModel This is a 3 Dimensional representation of the female body (neck through hips) that can be manipulated to simulate results of a breast augmentation procedure for women of varying shapes and sizes. (Use of the INAModel requires the VET viewer be installed on the users computer, if not already installed, the user will be prompted to download the viewer automatically).

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